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Turnkey Projects

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Turnkey Projects

One of the various specialities of PCP is handling Turn-key projects, having successfully carried out innumerable turn-key developments for industry giants.

In the past few decades, PCP has emerged as the leader in accomplishing innumerable turnkey projects, which included designing & building of Industrial townships, comprising of the complete infrastructure such as electricity networks, water supply, sewerage networks and roads along with other various community facilities.

In 1976, PCP ventured into turkey housing projects which majorly included infrastructural projects in the Middle East. During the late 70’s, the Govt. of Iraq opened new avenues of residential construction for the Iraq public. It was then, that PCP participated in various tenders and among difficult competition, won major turn-key projects in Iraq, wherein the mechanized construction technology was adopted and utilised, in order to deliver the highest quality infrastructure.

PCP imported the pre-cast technology from Denmark and a dedicated team of professionals was deployed by the company, which executed the housing projects with the required technology, in order to accomplish the goal of buildinghigh-quality homes

Turnkey Projects Showcase

Clients Scope of Work Status
National Housing Authority, Kuwait Construction of Dwelling units & Infrastructure including Pre-Casting of building components at Ardiya Housing Project, Kuwait, as an associate of Indian Consortium led by EPI Ltd. New Delhi Completed
Amiri Construction & Trading Company Kuwait Construction of School Mosque and Shopping Center in Banyan Project, Kuwait Completed
State Enterprises of Industrial Housing Diwaniya, Iraq Construction of 1120 Dwelling Housing and Ancillary Building at Diwaniya Completed
General Establishment of Iraqi Port, Basrah, Iraq Construction of Housing Project, Ancillary Buildings including complete facilities at Maqal, Umqasar,Khor-AL-Zubair Completed
State Organisation of Electricity, Iraq Construction of Sub-Stations at Al-Zubair, Numania & Kut South in Iraq Completed

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