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Rehabilitation & Maintenance

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Rehabilitation & Maintenance

Not only has PCP set examples in the area of construction of Power Plants, it has also played a significant role in providing solutions to A enhance the plant’s life too.

Over the years, PCP has developed a reputation of being the global service provider of power plant solutions by setting a benchmark based on expert solutions in the entire plant life cycle. Along with construction of power, process and other industrial plants, PCP also ventured into offering Rehabilitation & Maintenance Solutions. PCP realised that with the upcoming number of power and process plants, the need for their regular rehabilitation and maintenance was quintessential in order to sustain their efficiency and uninterrupted operations.

Therefore, in order to optimize and enhance the efficiency of the power & process plants, PCP International created specialised maintenance groups to cater to this ever-growing and challenging need. At present, PCP is well-enabled and fully specialised in carrying out regular & periodical maintenance for the following plants:

  • Power Plants
  • Fertiliser Plants
  • Steel Plants
  • Aluminium Plants
  • Petrochemical Plants

Not only PCP specializes in providing routine and breakdown maintenance services to power & process plants, but is also involved in rehabilitation of plant equipment and systems, which are an integral part of the plant and help extending its life span.

Rehabilitation Projects Showcase

PSEB, Patiala 210 MW Annual Overhauling of boiler Auxiliaries at GGSSTP, Ropar (Punjab) Under Execution
NTPC   AMC of AHP (Pkg 2B) at NCPS, Vidyutnagar (MP) Completed
HPGCL, Panipat 210 MW Repair / Mini shut down of Boiler and its auxiliaries of 210 MW unit 5 at PTPS, Panipat (Haryana) Under Execution
PSEB 210 MW Annual Overhauling of Boiler Auxiliaries Like ID Fans, FD Fans, ESP, Ducting, Dampers and Gate of 210 MW Cap. unit at GGSSTP, Ropar (Punjab) Completed
PSEB 210 MW Annual Overhauling of fuel Pipe and Replacement of Expansion Joins of 6 x 210 MW Units at GGSSTP, Ropar (Punjab) Completed
HPGCL 210 MW Maintenance / Repair / Overhauling of Coal MIlls RC Feeders & Variators & Other Misc. Works of Boiler Unit - V at TDL TP Station, Panipat Completed

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