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8 Step Approach - A Comprehensive Process of Execution of Balance of Plants

Let’s look at the comprehensive process of BOP which is followed by PCP making the company a pioneer by providing BOP solutions. Balance of Plant is a comprehensive process of the entire execution of a power plant, which includes the project design, engineering, planning, procurement, quality assurance and on-site facilities. PCP has an extensive experience in handling it all, from proposal engineering to post-commissioning & start-up services.

Step-1: Proposal Engineering

The activity commences with an enquiry / tender from the customer. The visit to site followed by customer interactions. Formulating back- up quotations for bought out items, culminating in a proposal with project execution bar chart, equipment deployment schedules are drawn as per the requirements. Utmost care is taken to ensure that the selection of equipment is of the highest utility, energy efficient and with lowest operational expenses.

Step-2: Management & Planning Group

On receipt of the order from customer, the project is assigned to the Management & Planning Group which is driven by an experienced Project Chief supported by Project Management Group. The Management & Planning Group has the overall project responsibility for design, engineering, procurement and timely completion by controlling and monitoring through PMG.

Step-3: The Detailed Engineering

Before the on-site process commences, the Detailed Engineering of the plant is carried out through consultants & the BOQs for the respective scope of work of the project is listed out.

Step-4: The Procurement & Expediting Group

This team is responsible for maintaining an up-to-date information bank which consists of the suppliers and vendors of all major items and services required in order to execute a project on turnkey basis.

Step-5: Project Execution Group

The project execution group is headed by a Project Manager who is present at each project site. All activities relating to planning, procurement as per project, quality control, actual execution and safety are headed by him and other engineers. The group follows the overall planning drawn at Head Office and prepares the details monthly/weekly/daily schedules, and ensures that they are completed. Any shortcoming is analyzed and inputs are given to eliminate any subsequent flaws. This helps in insuring that the plans are carried out as scheduled.

Step-6: On Site facilities

The Erection, testing and commissioning is carried out by PCP’s in-house team at the erection site. Modern construction tools and equipment’s, cranes of various capacities, strand Jacks, electrical winches, welding equipment’s etc., and a fleet of transport vehicles are at the disposal of the division. A well-qualified and experienced team of engineers, technicians, welders and a host of other professionals have always helped PCP mobilize any site within the stipulated time schedule.

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