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The buildings we create inspire us, reflect who we are as a society.

H.S.Mejie (former chairman) was the chief architect of PCP International Limited, one of the finest and renowned construction organisation operating around the globe. Diversified into various fields, PCP International Limited is growing towards the unparalleled direction of success.

An Engineering graduate with excellent grades, Mejie was offered Government and Public Sector jobs, but he turned down the offers and proceeded to enhance his qualifications by joining the first Post Graduate group of eight people selected from all over India at IIT, Kharagpur. Having post graduated he opted to teach in India's top Engineering University of Roorkee and later shifted to Guru Nanak Engineering College under Panjab University to face the challenging task of transforming the students with below average grades and of rural background into dynamic engineers. He had the vision to sponsor 50% of the graduates of the first group to go to USA for higher studies. The tradition continued, that today there are thousands of engineers from that university having done well in their careers in US.

At the age of 31, he became Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering with the position of Principalship within sight. However, he had some other ideas and switched to devote his energies to Industry where within a few years, he earned the credit of timely performance and quality production of intricate import substitutions.

In 1968, an opportunity came his way to be an entrepreneur with the State of Punjab becoming his partner. He grabbed this opportunity and promoted Punjab Prestressed Concrete Works Pvt. Ltd and Punjab Chemi-Plants Limited. He was then on the road to success with no looking back.

Without any foreign tie-ups and support, PCP took up the construction of Power Projects in 1969 and by 1975 the very vision took him to foreign lands to launch ventures abroad. He faced very tough times in this venture as his project which was the largest by any Indian company secured in 1980's got entangled in the difficult situations of wars. He was advised by everybody including the Financial Institutions to abandon the project, but he persisted. 10 long years of patience and perseverance paid off when the Chairman of State Bank of India had to comment "we are happy to acknowledge that we were wrong and you were right!"

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